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Why are Virtual Group Consultations the key to continuity of care during COVID-19?

These are unprecedented times in healthcare with frontline, routine and planned care resources being shifted to support response to the COVID-19 pandemic, especially ensuring critical care capacity is not overwhelmed.


Recent New England Journal and NEJM Catalyst articles respectively have flagged ‘healthcare’s digital revolution’ and rapid conversion to ‘virtual practices’4.


All but the most urgent outpatient appointments and primary care have been switched to telephone consultations, which have limited involvement and involve frequent repetition of core messages. We risk burn-out/system failure and need sustainable models.


Healthcare systems worldwide are overstretched, many to breaking point. Virtual Group Consultations have many of the advantages of face to face Group Consultations and have the potential to deliver high quality care to more people, particularly those in high-risk groups even during social distancing. They provide peer support for people in isolation and re-engage clinicians from all disciplines (even those self-isolating).


The need for Virtual Group Consultations has never been greater and these can support staff well-being, enhance team delivery of rapidly-evolving care protocols and re-mobilise NHS systems within weeks.


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1 Page overview of Virtual Group Consultations

A summary of how Virtual Group Consultations can help your patients & team

NEJM Journal: Rapidly Converting to “Virtual Practices”: Outpatient Care in the Era of Covid-19

Ateev Mehrotra, MD, Kristin Ray, MD, Diane M. Brockmeyer, MD, Michael L. Barnett, MD, Jessica Anne Bender, MD – Vol. No. | April 1, 2020


In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, physician practices are turning to telehealth. Across four primary care practices, we describe our experiences in trying to become “virtual practices,” challenges we have faced, and our goals for the coming weeks.

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