Supporting the continuous delivery of routine & planned care for your patients

Why are Virtual Group Consultations important now?


These are unprecedented times in healthcare with a lot of front line, routine and planned care resources being impacted due to the COVID–19 pandemic.

As leaders in the training and implementation of face-to-face Group Consultations, we have been working to support practice teams to proactively set up and implement Virtual Group Consultations.

This enables patients to remain connected with their healthcare team to receive the guidance, advice and additional reassurance that they will undoubtedly need at this time.

Implementing Virtual Group Consultations will support the continuous delivery of routine and planned care and connect people virtually, through these times of social isolation.

This will go some way in preventing those with chronic and long-term conditions becoming acutely unwell and putting extra pressure on an already overwhelmed system.

Additionally, it will also equip your practice & organisation to continue to deliver care in this way as part of your overall services for your patients in the future.

What does a Virtual Group Consultation look like?


What do Virtual Group Consultations involve?


Virtual Group Consultations deliver routine care in groups online, consulting with patients who have the same or similar health condition and challenges.

Sessions typically last 60-90 minutes, with 6-15 patients joining the virtual session at the same time.  It is supported by a trained Group Consultations facilitator, who remains with the patients for the duration of the session.

A clinician (doctor, nurse, pharmacist or any other healthcare professional), then joins the Virtual Group Consultation to deliver 1-2-1 consultations & advise to the group for part of the session.

Virtual Group Consultations will demonstrate most of the benefits of our face-to-face Group Consultation model:

  • Support clinicians to support and deliver 1:1 routine care more efficiently for groups of patients using video technology.


  • Deliver an adapted version of face-to-face Group Consultations, which still enables the delivery of routine care including clinical, lifestyle advice, prescription changes and reassurance throughout this period of social isolation.


  • Led by what patients need to know about keeping well in these unsettling times, whilst getting to spend quality time virtually with their healthcare team and other patients.


  • Enable patients to receive clinical and educational advice and guidance from their clinician, whilst also getting advice, input and support from other patients in the group.


  • Support our NHS to keep running at this unprecedented time of crisis and help to maintain staff resilience and morale.

What are some of the benefits of Virtual Group Consultations?


More time for effective engagement with patient

Routine delivery of patient care

Address practice

& clinic backlogs

Connect with patients



Avoids the need for repetition 

Workforce development

More efficient way to deliver care

Provide access to specialist care

Promote the pillars of lifestyle medicine 

Quicker decision making

How we can support you to bring Virtual Group Consultations to your patients & organisation 

We can help you & your team get set up to deliver Virtual Group Consultations in your organisation, through our blended learning & implementation programme.


SEe how we can help you bring virtual group consultations into your organisation