Giving you the flexibility to deliver and re-mobilise high quality routine care to improve outcomes for you & your patients. 

Group Consultations are one-to-one appointments within a group setting, delivered by a clinician & supported by a facilitator, either virtually or face-to-face.

We have been leading the way in supporting patients, practices & organisations to benefit from Group Consultations.  Providing you with our innovative blended learning & implementation programme, will mean that your full team can be trained & ready to deliver care this way quickly.

“You helped us to get set up & deliver Virtual Group Consultations within weeks of COVID-19, allowing us to continue to deliver care for high risk patients. Thank you.”

Dr Katharine Towers – GP & Group Consultations Clinical Lead – City & Hackney GGC

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Proud to have worked with


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Bringing Group Consultations to life

We will train & support your teams to implement Group Consultations into your practice quickly.

Our Group Consultations blended learning & implementation programme includes:

Virtual Group Consultations

Embrace technology to deliver Group Consultations to your patients.

Face-to-Face Group Consultations

Enable your patients & practice to benefit from 1-2-1 consultations in a group setting.

e-Learning Programme

Continually train your whole practice team to deliver, using our step-by-step programme.


Access the latest templates & resources to help you to get up & running quickly.

Implementation Coaches

For any additional support, our implementation Helpdesk is only a phone call or email away.


Impact Data Dashboards

Measure the difference that Group Consultations makes for your practice & patients.

Launch Events*

Directing & guiding your team to create whole system change from the outset. (*optional addition)

BSLM Facilitator Accreditation

A great workforce & personal development opportunity for your facilitators.

Our blended learning & implementation programme is powered by

Working in partnership to scale up & spread Group Consultations

The BSLM Facilitator Accreditation is a great personal & workforce opportunity that recognises the great work of your Group Consultations Facilitators.

The impact of Group Consultations

Our impact data dashboards let you see clearly the difference Group Consultations is making to your patients & practice.

Feedback has shown us ….

  • Patients feel more able to cope & keep themselves healthy, through improved access & spending longer with their clinician.
  • Group Consultations supports shared decision making & increased patient activation.
  • Healthcare professional tells us they enjoy delivering care this way & it helps them be more efficient.
  • Virtual Group Consultations enables re-mobilisation of routine or planned care through COVID-19 & beyond.

What others are saying ...

"The power of Group Consultations are only realised through experience, and to get going you need both the right tool-kit and to build your confidence in steps.  Being taught by the experts has helped our teams progress rapidly with achieving implementation of Group Consultations and successfully train others."

Dr Yasmin Razak

GP Trainer, RIPEN Training Hub, WLCCG for NWL

"Group Consultations offers something very different.  There is an energy in the room or on the screen, now that we are doing Virtual Group Consultations.  Patients bounce ideas off each other.  They share their knowledge & expertise."

Dr Clare Neiland


"I have to say the process of setting up and delivering Group Consultations was made so much easier by the expert and thoughtful support by Alison and the team. I am very grateful for their guidance and couldn't recommend them more highly; a great combination of utter professionalism, complete understanding of the process and kindness that I really appreciated. Thank you."

Dr Alex Maxwell

GP - Clinical Director Social Prescribing - Croydon's social prescribing endeavour & National social prescribing director for the BSLM


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