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What are Group Consultations?

A person centered & efficient approach to delivering health care

Group Consultations (also known as shared medical appointments, group clinics and group appointments) are one to one medical appointments delivered by a clinician within a group setting.


We have been working closely with practices across the UK to spread & scale up the delivery of Group Consultations, through our established learning & developing programme.


Group Consultations are one of the 10 high impact actions (HIA’s) that sit within the GP forward view.  These high impact actions are aimed at improving patient care & access, and investing in new ways of providing primary care.


97% of patients who attend Group Consultations would recommend this type of appointment to a friend or family.  The average patient satisfaction rating is 4.7 out of 5.


We look forward to supporting you & sharing best practice as you go through your Group Consultations journey.

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Our team of highly skilled & experienced Group Consultations coaches, facilitators & clinicians, work closely with the practice to design the right Group Consultations model for you & your patients.

Our support is based upon experience & best practice, from regional, national & international experts.

We make it easy for you to get up & running with Group Consultations.


Designed to orientate clinicians & train in-practice facilitators to deliver Group Consultations.  


Working with the whole practice team to ensure an aligned & efficient approach to change.

learning & support

We share the latest online learning & resources to help you make Group Consultations the way you routinely deliver care in your practice. 


Working with your practice managers, clinical leaders & administration teams, to ensure a sustainable plan for Group Consultations from the outset.

We supply you with the Group Consultations practice toolkit, which will provide you with all of the practice & session templates to make this happen.

We train & support your team to bring Group Consultations to life!