Taking you from the theory of Group Consultations to fully implementing them in practice!

Taking you from the theory of Group Consultations to fully implementing them in practice!

Supporting you to deliver high quality routine care more efficiently, virtually or face-to-face.

Let us help guide your team through the practical steps to successfully set up & deliver Group Consultations for your practice.

We have done the hard work …. so you don’t need to!

Our blended learning & implementation programme has been designed specifically to help ensure that your whole team benefits from all the training & support needed to get set up for success.  It also provides you with ongoing training access & implementation support throughout the year.

Our unique programme will equip you to deliver both Virtual Group Consultations & Face-to-Face Group Consultations for your patients.


Your Blended Learning & Implementation Programme

in a nutshell!

Virtual Group Consultations

Embrace technology to deliver Group Consultations to your patients.

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Supporting you to deliver routine and planned care for your patients through COVID-19 and beyond. Reconnecting you with your patients and connecting patients with their community.

A ‘one stop shop’ to ensure all your team have access to training to enable them to plan deliver and evaluate impact and outcomes of Virtual Group Consultations.

Group Consultations (Face-to-Face)

Enable your patients & practice to benefit from 1-2-1 consultations in a group setting.

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Our e-Learning & implementation programme includes the latest research, tools, resource & best practice guidance, to enable you to start delivering Group Consultations for your patients.


Our programme gives you access to all of the tools and techniques needed to set you up for success.  We have a very hands-on approach and support you from planning right through to delivery and evaluating impact and outcomes of Group Consultations. 

 We bring you the latest insight and research into the benefits of delivering care this way for you, your patients and your organisation.

 We also connect you with your peers across the country and share how they have successfully set up and implemented Group Consultations for their patients and show you how delivering care this way cannot only improve outcomes for patients but also invigorates the teams who deliver care this way.



Access all the latest templates & resources to help you to get quickly started, with guidance & support on how to use these.

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You will find relevant resources throughout our programme for both you and your patients. These resources are updated regularly and are in line with any national guidance and best practice.

We recognise that having a vault of resources is only useful if you know how and when to use these, our e learning programme signposts and walks you through this at every stage of your learning.

Implementation Coaches

For any additional support, our implementation helpdesk is only a phone-call or e-mail away.

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We know that change and learning something new can sometimes be challenging, especially as we aim to embed new and improved ways of delivering care for our patients.  To support you to make this change happen we provide access to experienced and skilled Group Consultations trainers and coaches through our helpdesk.


Our helpdesk is available 5 days a week and can answer any questions or queries you have around the planning, implementation and evaluation of Group Consultations. 

e-Learning Programme

A step by step programme giving you access to all of the training and guidance you need to enable your organisation & ALL of your team members deliver Group Consultations 

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Having delivered 100’s of face-to-face Group Consultations training over 6 years it became evident that not everyone who needed to be trained to deliver Group Consultations was able to attend training sessions. We were also being continually asked to deliver more training as organisations scaled up Group Consultations across their workforce!


In response to this we developed our Group Consultations  e-learning programme, that allows your team to be trained at a time and place that works for you and them and ensures you have access to training for your wider team members. 


Our interactive e-learning brings the expert trainers, coaches and clinical leaders into the room with you and includes modules covering Change and Group Consultations approach, nuts and bolts right through to Best Practice Solutions.  It is also important to note that there is a stand alone Group Consultations Facilitator training module.


Our programme has been updated to include training for both Face-to-Face Group Consultations and Virtual Group Consultations and is a sustainable way to keep your teams trained to deliver and scale up delivery of Group Consultations.

BSLM Facilitator Accreditation

A great workforce & personal development opportunity for your facilitators

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Within Group Consultations, the facilitator role is an active and directive one.

 The Group Consultations facilitator is with the group throughout and supports the participants to get the best from their Group Consultation appointment. They hold the group together and act as the linchpin between the patients and clinician.

Through our collaboration with the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine we are happy to be able to recognise the effort and energy that goes into the Group Consultations facilitator role.  This role is an important and pivotal one in Group Consultations and facilitators who can evidence set criteria will be eligible to receive accreditation through the BSLM.  

This a great personal and workforce development opportunity.


Proud to have worked with


Proud to have worked with


Proud to have worked with


Proud to have worked with


We will be by your side each step of the way.

Our comprehensive e-Learning & implementation support programme will guide you through how to bring Group Consultations into your organisation for your team & patients.

Our unique difference.


Our key aim is to provide you with the most practical hands on support possible to get you quickly up and running and delivering high quality Group Consultations for your patients.

Throughout our programme you will find tried and tested practical hints, tips and guidance to assist you.  Our practical training, e learning, resources, flow charts and toolkit means that you have everything you need as well as step by step guidance on the how to use these to ensure successful delivery Group Consultations programme for you and your patients. 

Our open access e-learning programme means that you are never more than a click away from the support and help you need!


You can access our team of experienced Group Consultations throughout your e learning modules and dive into problem solving scenarios to help you overcome any obstacles and challenges.


In addition our live Helpdesk will support and answer and questions and queries that may arise at any stage in the planning, delivery, implementation and evaluation of Group Consultations and link you up with an experienced Group Consultations coach, mentor or peer to suit your needs. 

Our helpdesk is available 5 days a week from 9am -5pm.


All of our trainers and coaches have extensive hands on experience of Group Consultations and Virtual Group Consultations led by Alison Manson who is one of the pioneers of Group Consultations in the UK.

In addition we have access to 100’s of clinicians and facilitators across the UK who we can link you up with providing the peer to peer support often needed at the start of a new programme.

This programme also benefits from our Group Consultations Global Alliance Network which means we have access to new and emerging evidence, practical application and resources for both Virtual and Face-to-Face Group Consultations.

What your peers are saying …

"The power of Group Consultations are only realised through experience, and to get going you need both the right tool-kit and to build your confidence in steps.  Being taught by the experts has helped our teams progress rapidly with achieving implementation of Group Consultations and successfully train others."

Dr Yasmin Razak

GP Trainer, RIPEN Training Hub, WLCCG for NWL

"You helped us get setup & deliver Virtual Group Consultations within weeks of COVID-19, allowing us to continue to deliver care for high risk patients.  Thank you."

Dr Katharine Towers

GP & Group Consultations Clinical Lead - City & Hackney GGC

"I have to say the process of setting up and delivering Group Consultations was made so much easier by the expert and thoughtful support by Alison and the team. I am very grateful for their guidance and couldn't recommend them more highly; a great combination of utter professionalism, complete understanding of the process and kindness that I really appreciated. Thank you."

Dr Alex Maxwell

GP - Clinical Director Social Prescribing - Croydon's social prescribing endeavour & National social prescribing director for the BSLM