Bringing you a patient centered & efficient way to deliver personalised patient care.

Our journey with group consultations started in the UK over 3.5 years ago.

Our first programme was co designed and delivered with GP’s and patients in Slough in 2015, as part of the Prime Ministers Challenge fund.

To date we have now worked with over 200 teams to introduce and spread the delivery of group consultations.

Our support is based on experience and best practice from regional , national and international experience.

We have a passionate and enthusiastic approach to each new programme and apply a quality improvement mindset.

We very much want to share best practice tips and technique with you as we go along.

This resource hub is intended to support you through your group consultations journey and act as your own personal navigator.

Why Group Consultations matter now?


Primary care clinicians feel stressed and burnt out.

The repetitive nature of current practice wears them down.

Group Consultations restores the joy to practice and energise clinicians.


People and professional are both dissatisfied with 10 minute appointments.

There is no time to build relationships nor get to the bottom of the story.

And so demand keeps rising.


Group Consultations give people the things they say keep them well:

time to discuss concerns with their GP or nurse;

proactive follow up; peer support and the confidence to take control.


Group Consultations are really efficient.

They save time and money.  They can deliver up to 300% clinic efficiency gains.

You will achieve more in less time when you consult this way.

Our Group Consultations Learning & Development Programme

Our team of highly skilled & experienced group consultations coaches, facilitators & clinicians, work closely with the practice to design the right group consultations model for you & your patients.

Our support is based upon experience & best practice, from regional, national & international experts.

We make it easy for you to get up & running with group consultations.

How we can support your practice with Group Consultations



Designed to orientate clinicians and train in-practice facilitators to deliver Group Consultations.



Working with the whole practice team to ensure an aligned & efficient approach to change.



We share the latest online learning & resources to help you make group consultations the way you routinely deliver care in your practice.



Working with your practice managers, clinical leaders & administration teams, to ensure a sustainable plan for Group Consultations from the outset.

We supply you with the Group Consultations practice toolkit, which will provide you with all the practice & session templates to make this happen.